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Did you know that hiring veterans could be the perfect fit for you when it comes to running your business? They’re particularly skilled in operations, information technology, project management, regulatory, supply chain, data analytics, quality, sales, marketing, talent management, testing, human resources, after-sales service and more.

As a partnering company, you enjoy access to a seasoned and experienced talent pool of veterans possessing skills that come from service to the nation and those learned in re-careering events and online training programs.

You also gain by having your open job positions automatically posted to the MVPvets database where that position is matched with potential veterans meeting your criteria. Your designated staff receive automated alerts.

Veterans bring a strong work ethic, ability to work under pressure and collaborate in diverse team settings, as well as some of the best technical training known throughout the world. Plus, most veterans are excited to work in a company that’s changing the world for the better, rather than make cigarettes or skateboards.


By hosting a re-careering event on-site, companies benefit by drawing local veteran talent, enabling their workforce to meaningfully engage with (and even directly hire) veterans, demonstrating OFCCP compliance, and fostering positive relations within the community.


In addition to having access to veterans as an employment resource, companies also receive documentation to help them meet federal Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Program (OFCCP) reporting requirements.


Stand up and put action behind the words “thank you for your service” by partnering with MVPvets. Veterans don’t pay for any of the many services offered to help them find that next job. Instead, we rely on our partnering companies to fund online and onsite re-careering efforts, job matching and mentor matching in order to reach out to thousands of veterans across the nation.