Mentoring is at the heart of landing a new career.

This is why re-careering veterans is at the core of what we do here at MVPvets.


Our mentors are leaders within the medical device and life science industries.

Mentors engage in a one-on-one mentoring connection for approximately 3 – months. Keep in mind that many establish rapport that extends well beyond this period while others find that all needs are satisfied in a shorter period of engagement. Communicate upfront what you expect the entire scope of the mentoring schedule to look like in terms of going through a process as well as relaying your expectations for honoring the individual dates and times agreed upon for the conversations and/or meetings set.


Your most profound assistance may be in the act of helping your mentee narrow-down industry niches and to learn strategies for translating former military responsibilities and achievements into a language that resonates with a civilian hiring manager.




Identifying Needs


Career Interests


Desired Location


Consider Challenges


Personal Brand

Our Impact.

Here is what our mentors are saying about us.

"I mentor because I know, from personal experience, how challenging it can be to end your military service and then need to go find a job to support you and your family.”

Mike Grice

LtCol U.S. Marine Corps, COO at Boost Oxygen, BOD at MVPvets

“When it comes to achieving results, there’s not much else that can be brought to the table than those skills embodied by our veterans."

Marty Wartenberg

Former Senior Executive,
The Rockwell Corporation