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If you work in the life sciences industries, or in any business sector, and are interested in mentoring, we’re looking for you! We’re especially looking for mentors in the following areas: operations, information technology, project management, regulatory, supply chain, data analytics, quality, sales, marketing, talent management, testing, after-sales service, human resources and other functional roles.

Volunteering to listen and provide guidance to a transitioning veteran is a practical, and meaningful action that can make a world of difference in a person’s life.

Our custom mentor–matching engine alerts you to a transitioning veteran who may benefit from your particular background and expertise. We understand that your schedule is demanding which is why there’s no obligation to mentor those you are matched with. You can elect to engage or wait for a time that’s more convenient.


As a mentor, you’re invited to review and brush-up on workplace skills and knowledge through our signature online training and easy-to-review lessons and certificates courtesy of our colleagues at LifeCollaborative. Attend local and regional re-careering events as a mentor, which are held on-site at hiring companies.

If you believe your organization would like to host a re-careering event or become more informed about ways to support transitioning veterans, please click here.


MVPvets also gives back to you as a mentor by encouraging dynamic interaction with colleagues sharing similar interests as you.

Our eCommunity contains a robust directory allowing you to contact veterans and mentors to engage quickly and productively.

Want more information? Please CONTACT US with any questions.

Want to connect with veterans who may need your experience and advice?