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MVPvets Frequently Asked Questions

What’s MVPvets?
The MedtTech and BioTech Veterans Program (MVPvets) began as an initiative in the medical technology industry to help military veterans entering the civilian workforce find new careers and introduce them to career opportunities available in the medical technology industry. An innovative and successful program, MVPvets has since expanded across the Life Sciences industries with support of companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

What are examples of Life Sciences industries?
Examples include those companies who create and manufacture medical devices or instruments (Medtech) as well as those companies who use biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products (Biotech).  Industrial Biotech is yet another sector which focuses on developing renewable products from biofeedstocks such as turning algae into a biofuel or corn into a renewable plastic.  Pharma companies research, develop, produce and market drugs and medicines. In all cases, the aim is to improve the quality of human life.

How does MVPvets help companies?
MVPvets provides participating companies with automated job matching to a talent pool of veterans, many of whom are already highly skilled in areas such as project management, quality, communication, work ethic, and more. Participation also helps companies meet annual OFCCP compliance as well as benefit from positive public relations.

How do mentors benefit?
Mentors help veterans as they make the transition from military service into life science careers by sharing their own transition stories and personal insight. By engaging in one-to-one conversations with veterans, mentors benefit by giving back in a meaningful and tangible way. And, since coaching effectively is also a coveted skill set in today’s workplace, mentoring provides real opportunities to hone this skill.

Do veterans pay to participate in MVPvets?
Veterans do not pay anything to participate.

How is MVPvets financially supported?
MVPvets is supported through the contributions made by individuals and sponsoring companies. As a 501(c)3 endeavor, all contributions are tax deductible.