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Companies in biotech, medical device/technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, personalized medicine, bio-fuels and other life science based organizations are all part of the fast growing life science industry looking to fill jobs in operations, information technology, project management, regulatory, supply chain, data analytics, quality, sales, marketing, talent management, testing, human resources, after-sales service and more.

People with a strong work ethic, ability to work under pressure and collaborate in diverse team settings are needed.

Who is MVPvets for?

  • Active duty service members within 18 months of their EAS.
  • Post 9/11 veterans.
  • Active duty veteran spouses.
  • Wounded warrior caregivers.
  • Immediate family of Gold Star families.


MVPvets has a strong network of working professionals who have a heart (and professional background) for giving back to those who have served. They volunteer their time to help you make a better transition through personal phone calls, emails, or in an informal meeting over coffee.

Our custom mentor–matching engine puts you in touch with potential mentors who have the background and area of expertise you’re looking to pursue. We understand that your schedule may not be predictable which is why there’s no obligation to connect with mentors you are matched with. You can elect to engage or wait for a time that’s more convenient.


Learn how to apply what you already know in a civilian workplace by brushing up on workplace skills and knowledge through our signature online training and easy-to-review lessons courtesy of our colleagues at LifeCollaborative. Attend local and regional re-careering events held on site at hiring companies.

LifeCollaborative offers (at no cost to you) more than 100 courses in business, communication, project management, quality, leadership, science basics and medical device/technology basics. Certificate programs include: Leaderology, Project Management, BioTech 101, MedTech 101 and Business Essentials. Click here to review the course library.

eNewsletters alert you to local and regional re-careering events held throughout the year at partnering companies looking to both support and hire veterans.


Hundreds of jobs posted each month.

MVPvets job matching engine simultaneously alerts you and hiring managers to job openings where there might be a mutual fit.

Not interested in biotech or medical device/technology? No problem as MVPvets also offers job-readiness training to all participating veterans, even those who don’t envision themselves working in the life science fields.